Systematic investigation for improving and optimizing a building’s operations.


A building is like a person: as it ages the purpose and function change from what was originally imagined. Retrocommissioning is a systematic investigation process for improving and optimizing a building’s operations and maintenance and for ensuring their continued performance over time. The intent of retrocommissioning is to optimize how mechanical equipment and systems operate, and how those systems work together. It will help determine whether the original design intent of the system is still relevant and what changes or adjustments and repairs are needed to ensure proper operation of the system based on current needs.

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core work

Retrocommissioning does not include repair of faculty equipment but will provide a report of finings that detail any recommended repairs. It will include adjustment and calibration of devices, which will often result in significant improvement. The main objectives of a retrocommission are as follows:

  • Bring mechanical equipment to its proper operational state
  • Reduce complaints
  • Reduce energy use and costs by increasing system efficiency
  • Increase equipment life
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Increase occupant satisfaction
  • Improve facility operation and maintenance
  • Reduce staff time spent on emergency calls
  • Reduce emergency calls to third party service providers

retrocommisioning plans

Specific plans are designed for every retrocommission site and may include:

  • testing of sequence of operations against original design intent of all systems
  • TKSA 11 pump/motor alignment
  • testing of all devices including thermostats and valves for proper operation
  • investigation of current needs against original design intent
  • inclusion of building staff in the process to obtain functional information
  • preparation of maintenance schedules
  • repair and service proposals for consideration
  • calibration of thermostats,
  • Reduce staff time spent on emergency calls
  • and more…

retrocommisioning projects