living wage labor

You can get a lower bid, so we’re not always the first call. Typically we’re the last. At Core we believe in paying our team a living wage commensurate with their skill. Our approach pays dividends in retention, talent management, loyalty, and strategic growth. The payoff for our clients is dependable and knowledgeable customer service.

project estimates

      We work on mutual trust. Our longstanding clients just pick up the phone to authorize work.


      We’re happy to provide free estimates if you need one.

Here’s what the lawyers insist we tell you:

An estimate is good for 30 days and is complete for all costs associated with the scope of work described. We prefer to make an onsite evaluation for most estimates, especially for new clients. We base them on our evaluation of the requirements necessary to complete the job, and add a small contingency. We anticipate actual costs will be slightly less than the estimate, but this does not constitute a guarantee of cost. If problems are identified during the estimated scope of work that require additional services and/or materials, an additional estimate will be provided before any additional work is done. Partial deposits are variable and often required on large jobs and major equipment before work begins.

service agreements

    Would you like fewer emergencies with your building systems? And when you do have an urgent need, would you like to be at the top of the list for repair? Regular preventive maintenance is the key to long term cost savings, efficient system operation, and extending the life of your building systems. At core, we provide customized service agreements tailored specifically to your equipment. We make a commitment to knowing your needs and keeping you online. Give us a call today for a free, customized service agreement evaluation.