We’re now in our third year of a partnership with Montana Hospital Association Ventures to continue serving Montana health care centers with excellence. They choose one company in any area to recommend to their membership as the right solution. Core Control is it for controls, hvac, and hydronics. We’re particularly excited about sharing our flying technician program with facilities far and wide.

Sole Endorsed Service Company for Controls, HVAC, Hydronics, Commissioning/Retrocommissioning/Start-Up, Critical Temperature Monitoring, & Flying Technicians.

MHA Ventures, Inc. has partnered and developed valuable relationships with a variety of business to help negotiate services on behalf of MHA members.

As a subsidiary of Montana Hospital Association, MHA Ventures understands the unique challenges faced by healthcare facilities. With our Partners, we develop solutions to advance the operations of our members.

MHA Ventures has been providing value to MHA members for over 20 years. At MHA Ventures we strive to bring value to the MHA membership and MHA by providing relevant, health care and business products and services, which benefit the MHA members. Our solutions help MHA members increase efficiency, saving them time, money and other resources.

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