How often have you needed to view your building management system (right now!) and gotten that annoying error message about updating JAVA? It is a common problem that cuts across brands and vendors, frustrates facility managers, and takes up IT department time. Now, you can say goodbye to that problem.

Tired of JAVA updates interfering with your building management system? The solution: Tridium Niagara 4.

Core Control works on hardware and software from all the major brands. Our vendor neutral stance lets us focus on the best technology for the customer. With Tridum’s release of Niagara 4, it is hard to find a better front end. Since 2007, Core Control has believed in open-source solutions. Not one of our systems is “locked” anywhere in the state, and we have a deep preference for non-proprietary technology. We can, and do, work on a lot of the proprietary stuff, but open-source is the future. Give us a call today and ask if we can integrate/upgrade to a Tridium Niagara 4 front end with whatever you have now, and eliminate the JAVA hassle.

Author: corecontrol