If you bought a brand new Porsche sports car would you go down to the discount auto parts store and put the cheapest filters and hoses and belts you could find in it? Probably not. Our technicians see crummy filters in air handling equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars.

I ain’t too proud to beg. Please use pleated filters. I don’t care if you buy them from us or someone else. Use. Pleated. Filters. We care about you and your equipment.

MERV 8 pleated, properly sized filters are a solid choice for most commercial applications.

Flat panel filters are a little cheaper and good for catching small rocks, furry mammals, and not much else. Don’t go crazy the other way either. In most equipment the ultra-expensive anti-microbial-catch-every-dust-particle filters aren’t worth the price. Almost always brand isn’t too important either.

Once you have the correct sizes for your filters you only need to know one word when changing them: pleated.

Author: corecontrol

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